Life Lately { pine cove}

The past two weeks have been so busy, so fun, and so full of life and travel! The first week of June our family got the chance to go to a family camp by Pine Cove in Columbus, Texas- which was super last minute! I guess we were on the waiting list and once a family registered to attend the camp cancelled, they called us and said there was an opening about 2 days before we would need to be there! In short, we said yes, packed up and started driving Saturday afternoon to make it there by Sunday afternoon! At first, I was really hesitant and DID NOT want to go but by the end of the week, I was so sad that we had to leave and literally started crying saying goodbye to everyone!

If you haven’t heard of Pine Cove, they’re basically a Christian organization that runs family camps, youth camps, and  kids camps in Texas and South Carolina, and even brings their camps to your local church called ” Camp in the City.” All the counselors at the camps have special ” camp names” based off of some kind of embarrassing story about them, their background, etc. The counselors and the camp itself is very high-energy, the counselors get up and yell cheers all the time!

Anyway, I spent the week doing different activities every day- like paintball, the ropes course, swimming in the ” lagoon”, the pool, and had small group times and family devotionals every day! 

Although the activities were SO fun, my favorite thing about Pine Cove was definitely the people. All the new friends I met and the counselors I got to hang out with were all incredible and great to be around. I loved the down time we had, during free time or late at night playing ” Empire” or “Signs” or ” Poison Dart Frog” or just watching the boys play” Speed” with some of my friends! It was great to see the counselors kind of ” off-duty” playing games with us and I love all the fun memories that went along with that during the week! 

Some Favorite Memories:

  • hearing a kid say about how he felt on the ” barn swing”( which is basically a swing in a barn, go figure, that you swing on) , ” it’s like your soul’s leaving your body!” 
  • watching the boys sink canoes in the lake again and again….and watching them try and get it out. HILARIOUS
  • a sort of impromptu dance party at ” White Tail” ( aka the dining hall) 
  • playing this fun game at the ” carnival” where you put on a vest connected to a bungee cord thing and run as hard as you can holding a piece of Velcro and try to smack the piece of Velcro onto a Velcro strip, trying to get it farther out than the person next to you 
  • hanging out with all the fun kids and friends and counselors and learning about prayer! 

For real though, it was one of the best weeks of my life and I miss it so much! Crier Creek was such an amazing experience and I am so grateful I was able to go! What a great reminder to myself that God is under control and can see way farther than what I can and knows what’s best for us! 




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