NYC 2017

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hey ya’ll! how’s life been lately? busy? I know I’ve been busy but I’m actually really enjoying it! Last Saturday I left for a week long mission trip to NYC and am so glad I was able to go! It was truly an amazing experience! 


our mission team basically went up to help out some of our friends who moved to NYC recently to help plant a church. It was so good to see them again and help in anyway we could which included…

  • prayer-walking
  • street cleaning ( picking up trash on the street)
  • narrative mapping ( asking people questions about A) the neighborhood (i.e. popular place to eat, services/businesses needed)  and sometimes B) a spiritual survey ( i.e. dominant religious influence in the neighborhood, personal view of God)) 
  • park outreach- one afternoon we went to a park and tried to engage the kids and families by playing with sidewalk chalk and bubbles or playing basketball and Frisbee! 


  • we don’t have to have or use fancy words or speech when talking to people or conducting surveys- plain and simple speech is fine! 
  • some of the leaders talking to us before we went out and did narrative mapping had an analogy kind of like this- before we can ” set the table” the table needs to be built. So even if we don’t get into a gospel witness conversation with people every single time, our job is to just plant seeds and help ” build the table” for the people in NYC and the church staff. First downs come before touchdowns. ( the football analogy was another one they said to us) 
  • it’s important to listen to people. our job wasn’t to force Christianity or anything on anyone but to ask about people, what they think, and about their neighborhood so we and the church can better serve and love them.
  • pain and suffering doesn’t last forever and hard times aren’t the end of the world
  • God is sovereign over all but also cares for all
  • God knows what’s best for us and living according to His will and trusting Him with everything is the best way to go
  • God will provide and will sustain


  • waking up and getting to eat breakfast with friends every morning
  • talking with and being around the friends we were helping up there,  the interns up there with them, and others on the mission team
  • the subways and all the walking- I love it! 
  • narrative mapping

I am so, so grateful to the friends and family who prayed for our mission team while we were up in NYC and gave of their finances so I could go! But most importantly, I’m grateful to God for allowing me to go, keeping me healthy and safe, allowing me to meet the people I met, providing the money needed for the trip, and everything else! He is an amazing and faithful God! I miss NYC a lot and hope to go back one day! 


2 thoughts on “NYC 2017

  1. Trinity says:

    I would absolutely love to go to Africa one day but NYC was such an AMAZING experience! I didn’t want to go home! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment on ths blog post! I really appreciate it!


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