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If you’re like me, it’s almost impossible to work out on your own without some good music playing. It’s sometimes even harder to find clean music that actually sounds like music you would want to listen to , if you know what I mean. ūüôā With that in mind,¬† here are some of my favorite songs to workout to!

Monster– KB, Aha Gazelle

Turn Down for What– DJ Snake, Lil Jon


I Can’t Quit– Capital Kings, Reconcile

Lay Up– Andy Mineo, Wordsplayed

Cumbia– GAWVI, Wordsplayed

Green Lights– NF

All I Do– NF

SAY LESS– Andy Mineo, Wordsplayed


3 Tips on How to get over Too Much Food on Thanksgiving

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Hello, loves! Just a short and sweet post today for all of you who’ve eaten a little too much this Thanksgiving! (insert blushing emoji here)

Tip #1: Drink Lots of Water!

Water is so good for you and will help flush out any toxins, satisfy your appetite (did you know that sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty??), and just make you feel better!

Tip #2: Keep to Your Fitness Schedule

Even if it’s some slow Vinyasa yoga or stretching, get moving! If not on Thanksgiving, than the next day! Working out always makes me feel more confident and strong, which sounds WAY better than feeling sluggish and bloated (ew).

Tip #3: Let It Go!

For all my perfectionists out there, if you totally indulged this Thanksgiving, don’t overthink it! It’s only one day and will probably make you more motivated to get after it in the gym and the kitchen making healthy meals. Continue on with your normal life. Get a workout in, eat healthy meals, etc.

Gymnastics-Inspired Workout

At gymnastics practice, weights are almost never used, so it’s basically bodyweight exercises. And just because they are bodyweight exercises doesn’t mean¬†it isn’t hard or¬†strengthening. Here’s how today’s workout works. There¬†are 3 sets that you will perform 3 times each, so get going! ¬†

                                             Gymnastics Inspired Workout

15 pushups each way: regular, tricep, wide, diamond, and mountain

   30 second hollow hold

   30 sumo squat jumps

   10 tuck jumps

  25 modified or full handstand shoulder shrugs

20 arch-ups ( or Superman’s)

20 fire hydrants

5 burpees

20 tricep dips

25 v-ups

30 calf raises each way ( normal, inverted, and pointed outwards)

20 second high knees

Repeat 3 times!

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