Weekend Edit 《and random thoughts》

Well hello there! Long time no see friends! 🙂 I missed ya! How was your spring break? Too short? We went to the beach one weekend and I did some activities with my church- including playing  cops and robbers in the freezing cold but it was still SO FUN!

This week I want to try and have a specific and consistent time with the Lord everyday. I also want to just try and stay on top of things and not waste a whole lot of time! I can’t do anything on my own strength so that’s why I need Jesus! 🙂

The other day I got this white shirt that is 96% bamboo and it is so soft!

Also, I’ve been using this Aveda rosemary mint shampoo and it smells amazing!!

These healthy peanut butter oatmeal cookies are scrumptious!

I’m planning on going to New York this summer on a mission trip, which is exciting! I hope you all have a great week! Jesus LOVES you!


fresh start

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Happy New Year, friends! Resolutions and goals come with the territory around the start of a new year and it’s a lovely time to simply sit and reflect on 2016 and think about what you would like to achieve or focus on or be in 2016. Over the weekend, I wrote in a notebook some of my goals and focuses for 2017 regarding different categories like health and fitness, sleep, blogging, etcetera. One wonderful idea I’ve seen is to pick a word and focus on that. For example: focus, present, thoughtful.  However you do it, thinking  a little bit about 2017 and your goals for the year is helpful- giving a clearer vision of what you want for the future- but remember, be open to whatever the Lord may have for you in 2017 as well! He knows best!

some goals for 2017:

health and fitness goals:

  • before my morning coffee, drink 1 glass of water
  • try to drink 50 oz. of water a day
  • take time to stretch 1-2 times a week
  • keep up consistency in my workouts- 5-6 days a week

skin, hair, and style goals:

  • treat my face and scalp more gently
  • dress well
  • add variety ( try a new trend, hairstyle,etc.)
  • stick to a skincare routine ( morning and night)

blogging goals:

  • post regularly (1-2 days a week at least, preferably certain pre-determined days)
  • keep up with the news, blogs, Instagrams
  • schedule, plan, and work on posts before I actually want to post them

organization, school, & home goals:

  • clean bathroom, do laundry more consistently 🙂
  • plan a little more


  • intentionally spend time with Jesus often- praying, reading Bible
  • praise and thank Hime, confess to Him
  • apply and live out Truth gracefully

sleep goals:

  • be more consistent with bedtime and waketime
  • make it a priority

gymnastics goals:

  • work hard, do my best
  • move forward in my skills and execution
  • practice how I want to compete

life + attitude goals:

  • love
  • laugh
  • live joyfully
  • own who I am
  • reach out to others
  • practice thankfulness,trust, kindness
  • strive for excellence
  • be respectful to others


r e a d,  l e a r n,  g r o w

What are some of your thoughts on 2017?  Leave a comment!





Weekend Edit

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I have been loving….




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I recently got an account on Spotify and I love it! I really like how I can make my own playlists and listen to specific songs and artists.


Ya’ll I am such a Timeless fanatic. I follow Timeless boards on Pinterest, I check the Timeless Instagram pages, there is even a Timeless inspired travel mug that I want (except its around $26) .(there is sometimes some not so family friendly content just to warn you). On Monday, I watched the finale ( The Capture of Benedict Arnold) – and it was so good. I don’t want to spoil anything – oh wait yes I do! 🙂 I won’t though. I will say it ended with a cliffhanger and there was a character on there who was EVIL. My hands were literally shaking. You can catch up on missed episodes on the website! I can’t wait til’ it returns to TV on January 16!!!!!!!!

This Hairstyle


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This hair style is so pretty and not too difficult! Perfect for the holidays! Kate at The Small Things blog has a step by step tutorial for you (click the link)!

Okay, well that’s about it for today! I hope you have a week-especially with the holidays coming up! Here’s your quote-


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Love others. Be filled with joy and love. Trust in the Lord. Have a blessed week!

Love, Trinity


Fall Favorites


Before fall leaves us, I thought I’d share some apparel and shoes that I either have or have  seen online that I love!


rockstajean.pngaerosweat.pngwaldanlongshirttom'sbootie.jpgjeans, sweater, activewear top, lace-up booties


These jeans (Rockstar by Old Navy) are so comfortable and stretchy. Literally I can do squats in them. They’re affordable and can go with anything from a sweater to a fancy embroidered top!


My dad bought this for me for Christmas recently but I liked it so much I wanted to wear it on Sunday! He told me I could wear it Sunday but then I would have to give it back to him (LOL). Anyway, this sweater is on SALE, so snatch it up while you can. Keep in mind, the front part of the sweater has small openings in it so you will need to wear a shirt underneath. Pair it with skinny jeans, black leggings, or even over a dress, and you’re good to go!

Activewear Shirt

Ya’ll this is such a steal because its from Wal-Mart! Surprise! This shirt is very flattering and has these mesh sort of panels on the front that I love! Perfect for working out in the winter! (with a jacket on top of course):)


Last but not least, these shoes! They’re so chic and I love that they are suede! I actually do not own these shoes but I’m sure that they would look amazing with most winter outfits, especially with a short skirt + tights combo!  ! P.S.- they’re made by Tom’s!

I hope you all have a good week! Who’s ready for Christmas vacation? ( raises hand while enthusiastically jumping up and down) I definitely am!


Remember this as you maneuver your way through the holidays! Be full of hope! This Christmas season, we are celebrating the One who came down to Earth to rescue us! Praise God!


Weekend Edit

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Written while listening to Pandora. Life is good.

How has ya’lls weekend been? I hope you’ve had a good one! We finally put the carpet down in my room and I’ve been working on kind of tidying it up. But I have got to do a little bit of cleaning in my bathroom. It needs it. I went to my church’s Christmas musical tonight and had my first Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks of the season! It actually wasn’t as good as I expected. Maybe I’m just too used to cold-brew coffee. 😉

Just sharing a few things I’ve been loving today so let’s get started!

Yours by Russell Dickerson


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This is my FAVORITE song right now. And the music video is ah-mazing. I’ve watched it 2-3 ish times. I love it so much. Please go listen to my man Russell.

Brett Eldredge’s Holiday Album: Glow


I love this man’s voice and before I knew he had a holiday album, I was like, ” Brett Eldredge had better have a holiday album.” For those of you who didn’t already know, Brett is a country singer. I love his voice because you know, it doesn’t really sound country, and in the best way possible. It’s got this deep, soulful kind of edge. Think Michael Buble meets a country artist. So he has a holiday album and I love it! I am very picky with Christmas music with songs and singers and I will actually listen to his album. My favorite song that I’ve heard from “Glow” is probably…..Glow. Did I mention he did “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Meghan Trainor? One of my favorite Christmas albums right here.

Ten|Forty Threads 


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If you live in the South, then you probably already know t-shirts are a pretty big deal and especially Comfort Colors t-shirts! If you don’t live in the South, I’m pretty sure you can still appreciate a good t-shirt. Well friends, let me introduce you to Ten|Forty Threads. They are a non-profit organization that sells shirts and stickers to support global missions efforts in the 10-40 window, where the Gospel has not been widely spread. I love these shirts. They come in short sleeve and long sleeve (with some designs in Comfort Colors) with different designs. I love them all but I especially love the People Groups shirts! I’m sure they would also love to accept any donations if you don’t want to buy a shirt or sticker! Please go check them out!

Alright ya’ll, I’ve got a pretty busy week ahead with schoolwork and gymnastics! So here’s your quote:


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Preach! This is so true and  something I sometimes struggle with. Your worth is not in people-pleasing or what others think of you but is in the Lord Jesus Christ if you are His child. Please remember this this week and love others and Jesus!

Ya’ll are the best! Have a blessed week!

Weekend Edit

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Hello, hello! How was your Thanksgiving and weekend? This weekend we did Thanksgiving (duh), I rewatched 2 Timeless episodes (I’m addicted), and painted  my room!  I just wanted to share some things I’ve been loving lately.

Halo Top Ice Cream


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Can I just say: de-lici-ous! Yum! We got this at Kroger the other day and it is so good! I ate the whole pint in one day! Halo Top is basically an ice cream you don’t have to feel guilty about eating! I’ve only tried the vanilla bean flavor but I’m sure that all the other flavors are scrumptious as well! So good!

Salem Booties from UOI Online



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Aren’t these booties so cute? I’ve been looking for some booties to wear this fall and when I stumbled upon these online, I loved them! I love that they have a suede look ( it’s faux suede) and a low heel and they are only $29.99!! I think they also come in Taupe and Black colors!

Angela Lanter’s Blog: Hello Gorgeous


So basically this is Matt Lanter from Timeless’s wife’s blog. Got that? I kinda put the pieces together after looking at (stalking??) one or both of their Instagrams that she had a blog. And yes, I am one of those people. Those people that stalk celebrities on Instagram. She has really great taste and style and is just so personal and real! Her blog covers so many topics! This is THE blog. Do you hear me? This may be my favorite blog yet!

Dan + Shay’s Lately


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I love this song. Dan + Shay are the kind of country music group who blur the lines between country and pop. Now, I used to kind of be that country music fan that liked country, country you know what I mean? Like Luke Bryan, Brantley Gilbert,Jason Aldean, that kinda stuff. But recently, I’ve been leaning more the country-pop side of things. Think Sam Hunt, Dan+Shay, Thomas Rhett. I really like all those guys. Dan+ Shay have this harmony thing going on kind of reminiscent of Rascal Flatts but a little more polished and refined. They have a bunch of great songs, but Lately is one of my favorites.

This weekend I’m kind of dreading school and another week ahead. I just want to stay back in this relaxed weekend, in a blur, watching Timeless in my sweatpants. 🙂

Goals for this week:

  • work hard at gymnastics practice and focus on my back walk-over, back walk-over on beam
  • strive for excellence in my schoolwork, especially math
  • think about being more process-oriented, opposed to being result-oriented
  • organize my room
  • work out 6 days this week
  • eat right
  • search for the good in everything
  • take time and stop- to help, love, etc. people
  • try to do different things with my hair
  • read my Bible more consistently

These next few weeks I will be off from my regular, once-a-week childcare job, but I will miss some of those sweet kids! I’ll go to practice, and go to a fellowship thing at our church. Oh yeah, and watch The Voice and Timeless (hopefully). What are you all doing this week? What are some of your goals or things you’ve been loving lately? Let me know in the comments! This is your quote for the week, friends.


image is via Pinterest!

Whether you’re having a good week or bad week, keep on going, my sweet loves. You can do it. Be determined and keep pushing through. The Lord will help you and can provide for you. Stay determined.

3 Tips on How to get over Too Much Food on Thanksgiving

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Hello, loves! Just a short and sweet post today for all of you who’ve eaten a little too much this Thanksgiving! (insert blushing emoji here)

Tip #1: Drink Lots of Water!

Water is so good for you and will help flush out any toxins, satisfy your appetite (did you know that sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty??), and just make you feel better!

Tip #2: Keep to Your Fitness Schedule

Even if it’s some slow Vinyasa yoga or stretching, get moving! If not on Thanksgiving, than the next day! Working out always makes me feel more confident and strong, which sounds WAY better than feeling sluggish and bloated (ew).

Tip #3: Let It Go!

For all my perfectionists out there, if you totally indulged this Thanksgiving, don’t overthink it! It’s only one day and will probably make you more motivated to get after it in the gym and the kitchen making healthy meals. Continue on with your normal life. Get a workout in, eat healthy meals, etc.