Oh, 2017. How good you were. What a wonderful, wonderful year. Honestly this is one of my favorite years that I’ve ever lived. 2017 had me traveling, meeting new people, deepening relationships, getting uncomfortable, and just really living and thriving and loving life. The start of a new year is bittersweet because of this.


HIGHLIGHT: Fuel Weekend at my church

This weekend is one of my favorite times of the year. A time to gather with other believers to worship, to serve, and to fellowship. I will never forget the speaker’s kindness he showed on the last day of the weekend, just the small act of hugging me and asking me my name made a huge impact. I learned more of God’s relentless love toward us and got outside my comfort zone by doing door-to- door evangelism around town. What a sweet, sweet and powerful weekend.


HIGHLIGHT: a quick trip to the beach

Leaving for a trip last minute certainly isn’t my favorite thing, but I’m grateful for the time we were able to escape to the beach, even if just for a few days.

HIGHLIGHT: playing cops and robbers on campus

Ya’ll I love any game that gets you running and cops and robbers is no different. It was FREEZING COLD and of course, I decided not to bring a jacket (wow, Trinity, great decision) but it was SO MUCH FUN!!!


HIGHLIGHT: my birthday!


HIGHLIGHT: “music and miracles” concert with Thomas Rhett

I received tickets to this for my birthday and I had such a great time! The weather was perfect and Thomas Rhett was evennn better 🙂


HIGHLIGHT: school’s out!!!

yayayayayayayayay. enough said.

it was a good school year- but I was so glad to be finally done

JUNE// the whirlwind


Pine Cove

Youth Summer Retreat- in the mountains!! so fun!!


NYC mission


NOLA mission

Hosting Pine Cove ” Camp In the City”- ahh I miss our counselors! 


starting school- it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be haha 🙂 grateful for the new people in my life this year because of it 


sunday night Bible studies


fall football weekend- high school football games, 5th quarters, hanging out at the pumpkin patch and duh duh da duh…..

THE CHILI BOWL ( one of the best days of the year) ( flag football game)



equipping groups- so grateful for our leaders and our sweet group


christmas break and done with finals yay!!




getting discipled by and learning from my sweet friend

God’s goodness

I am SO SO SO THANKFUL for this year and all my sweet friends that I got to meet or spend even more time with!!! I LOVE YOU ALL. happy new year friends! 









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If you’re like me, it’s almost impossible to work out on your own without some good music playing. It’s sometimes even harder to find clean music that actually sounds like music you would want to listen to , if you know what I mean. 🙂 With that in mind,  here are some of my favorite songs to workout to!

Monster– KB, Aha Gazelle

Turn Down for What– DJ Snake, Lil Jon


I Can’t Quit– Capital Kings, Reconcile

Lay Up– Andy Mineo, Wordsplayed

Cumbia– GAWVI, Wordsplayed

Green Lights– NF

All I Do– NF

SAY LESS– Andy Mineo, Wordsplayed


 I saw this idea on the Filigree Lane blog and made a few tweaks of my own, but I thought it’d be fun to share! I love reading random stuff like this so I hope you all enjoy! 

An item I Always have- my phone, an extra hair tie, and a water bottle!

Best Book I’ve ever read- ” The Circle Series” by Ted Dekker

Favorite Color- ahh there are so many but I would have to say blue and grey!

Drink of choice- lemon water! or coffee!

Essential way to start my day- I don’t always get to do this but I love having a slow start to my morning by turning on worship music, grabbing a cup of coffee, and reading the Bible and praying! 

Favorite Food- halo top ice cream! 

Game to play- DEFINITELY capture the flag

Favorite Hair style- I love dutch braids! but you would find me most often with straightened hair, or with it up in a bun or ponytail! 

Ice Cream- ya’ll know I LOVE halo top. but coffee ice cream is pretty special too:)

Dream Job- oh my goodness there are so many good ones! I’d love a life in church-planting/missions and also love the idea of being a teacher, a personal trainer, coffee shop owner, blogger/writer, or opening an orphanage- it’s a wide variety I know :). 

Favorite Names for Kids- for boys I love the names Grant, Bryson, Everett, and Creed (plus many more!) . for girls I love Everly and Baylor.

Somewhere I’d love to Live-  guys, I don’t know!!! I’d love to live in New York City and I’ve been wanting to visit Africa for a while! 

Movie & Music- The Finest Hour and music….  right now, I love Not In a Hurry by Will Reagan and the United Pursuit Band and ” Rock and Roll” by GAWVI. Also, I Need You by Grant and Clair Leslie. 

Nail Polish- I love blues and blush/nude colors!

Ocean or mountains- the ocean HANDS DOWN

Pet Peeves- walking fast behind lots of people walking slow, and I hate the fact that I can’t see my friend activity on the Spotify mobile app

Quote- ” I am not here for acceptance” – NF, ” the gospel is only good news if it gets there in time” – carl f. henry, ” the price of not trying could be higher” – ted dekker

Reason to Smile- God is good and I have wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ! 

Season- SUMMER. SUMMER. SUMMER. where do I begin? no school. mission trips. camps. vbs. allllll the activities and fun! 

Treat to have- plain cheesecake! 

Unknown fact about me- I don’t like chocolate chips and sometimes, when I eat crushed ice my collarbone hurts on the left side, like a brain freeze. but in my collarbone?!

On my Wishlist- a Patagonia backpack! 

X-rays I’ve had- teeth, ankle, and foot 

Yesterday’s highlight- seeing some former interns from our church and getting to play with their kids all day! plus, I recently ran the farthest I have in a while! 

Favorite Zoo animal- I’m not much of an animal person but I mean… tigers are pretty sweet right? 



Man, lately I have felt like I’ve had the wind knocked out of me over and over again with no time to recover and get back up. I feel swamped and overwhelmed with schoolwork. Making sure I’m on time, making sure I look good, making sure I have my work done, trying to study, trying to get in a workout, trying to be there for my friends, and the list goes on and on. I go to bed late and wake up early and the cycle goes on relentlessly. Sure, I have joy in my week and laughter and I am grateful for that. The highlights of my week are the times I get to see and gather together with my brothers and sisters in Christ, whether they be my age, in college, older, or younger! One of the parts of my life that has suffered the most is my commitment to Christ and His Word. I read His Word almost daily but I want to consciously RELY ON IT. I want to wake up begging and pleading and praising and thanking Him and relying on Him throughout my day. Not trying to prove myself but trusting in His mercy and sufficiency. I’ve been reading through 2 Corinthians and some of the verses that have stuck out to me are 


It says, we are perplexed, but NOT driven to despair. It says, the surpassing power belongs to God and not us. So whether I’m working on algebra, studying for a test, or dealing with a difficult person, I can be perplexed, but it doesn’t crush me, it doesn’t drive me into despair. That’s what makes believers different. No matter what happens, we have the surest hope that will ever exist and that hope is Jesus Christ and in Him we trust and on Him we rely and depend. Even if we feel frustrated with life and slammed with work and homework, He is our Peace. He is in control. He gives and He takes away. Whatever situation God has placed me in, it is good. SO GOOD. Because He is SO GOOD. 

NOLA 2017

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My summer travels have come to an end. On Wenesday, I got back from a mission trip/choir tour to New Orleans, Louisiana and that was my last big summer event. I had so much fun!

We left for New Orleans on Friday afternoon and got there pretty late that night. The next day we arrived at Lakeshore Church for training and orientation which I really enjoyed! The church planter/pastor we were working with told us about some of his own background, about NOLA, and some of what we would be doing that week and how we should do it.


Our youth choir has been working on a certain set of songs for a few months and were given the opportunity to go on ” choir tour” to New Orleans! We got to work with one of our former seminary interns who is working with a church ” replant” called Lakeshore Church!

  • door-to-door, handing out flyers advertising the concert we were having the next morning at Lakeshore
  • doing spiritual surveys with people in a park
  • performed Sunday morning @ Lakeshore
  • performed at an assisted living home
  • volunteered at the local Salvation Army
  • performed at Jackson Square in the French Quarter
  • played and put on a Backyard Bible Study for the kids in a Guatemalan community near Lakeshore


  • don’t discriminate or judge a book by its cover. Don’t be afraid to talk to people just because you think they look or act different. No one is ” too far gone.”
  • Just like I started learning in NYC, God is sovereign over all and also cares for all
  • We need to be content. God’s will and His ways are higher than ours. So just because what you thought should happen didn’t, doesn’t mean it was all in vain. We need to be content to serve in any way we can.
  • God is so loving and generous to His children who are intent on following Him. I saw how much God has blessed and provided for Lakeshore and I’m so grateful.
  • Even though we don’t see the fruits of our labor immediately, doesn’t mean there won’t be fruit.


  • I miss Lakeshore so, so much! I really love that church! Just the sense of community and the love of Christ with the strong, sound teaching in that church just has captured my heart!
  • Being surrounded by my friends and brothers and sisters all the time! Getting to laugh and talk with them 🙂
  • Experiencing a new city and lifestyle

I’d have to say my 3 favorite parts of the trip were…

  1. Church at Lakeshore on Sunday morning
  2. Deepening relationships with others
  3. Playing with the kids in the Guatemalan community

Also, I really enjoyed singing in the French Quarter! Throughout the trip, we were able to do a few ” touristy” things such as a swamp tour, eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and visiting the World War II museum. Overall, it a fantastic trip and experience; I wish I could’ve stayed longer! And of course, I’m so thankful to the Lord and to the people who prayed and gave so I was able to go!

Life Lately { pine cove}

The past two weeks have been so busy, so fun, and so full of life and travel! The first week of June our family got the chance to go to a family camp by Pine Cove in Columbus, Texas- which was super last minute! I guess we were on the waiting list and once a family registered to attend the camp cancelled, they called us and said there was an opening about 2 days before we would need to be there! In short, we said yes, packed up and started driving Saturday afternoon to make it there by Sunday afternoon! At first, I was really hesitant and DID NOT want to go but by the end of the week, I was so sad that we had to leave and literally started crying saying goodbye to everyone!

If you haven’t heard of Pine Cove, they’re basically a Christian organization that runs family camps, youth camps, and  kids camps in Texas and South Carolina, and even brings their camps to your local church called ” Camp in the City.” All the counselors at the camps have special ” camp names” based off of some kind of embarrassing story about them, their background, etc. The counselors and the camp itself is very high-energy, the counselors get up and yell cheers all the time!

Anyway, I spent the week doing different activities every day- like paintball, the ropes course, swimming in the ” lagoon”, the pool, and had small group times and family devotionals every day! 

Although the activities were SO fun, my favorite thing about Pine Cove was definitely the people. All the new friends I met and the counselors I got to hang out with were all incredible and great to be around. I loved the down time we had, during free time or late at night playing ” Empire” or “Signs” or ” Poison Dart Frog” or just watching the boys play” Speed” with some of my friends! It was great to see the counselors kind of ” off-duty” playing games with us and I love all the fun memories that went along with that during the week! 

Some Favorite Memories:

  • hearing a kid say about how he felt on the ” barn swing”( which is basically a swing in a barn, go figure, that you swing on) , ” it’s like your soul’s leaving your body!” 
  • watching the boys sink canoes in the lake again and again….and watching them try and get it out. HILARIOUS
  • a sort of impromptu dance party at ” White Tail” ( aka the dining hall) 
  • playing this fun game at the ” carnival” where you put on a vest connected to a bungee cord thing and run as hard as you can holding a piece of Velcro and try to smack the piece of Velcro onto a Velcro strip, trying to get it farther out than the person next to you 
  • hanging out with all the fun kids and friends and counselors and learning about prayer! 

For real though, it was one of the best weeks of my life and I miss it so much! Crier Creek was such an amazing experience and I am so grateful I was able to go! What a great reminder to myself that God is under control and can see way farther than what I can and knows what’s best for us! 



Summer Adventure Travel Tips

School’s out, it’s Memorial Day Weekend, the sun is shining, can it be any more summery? Is that even a word? Whether you’re going to a summer camp, a mission trip, on a beach vacation with your fam, or a road trip with your friends, I wanted to share some tips for travel I’ve learned along the way!

  1. Roll Your Clothes

Ya’ll. I don’t care what packing tips you’ve seen on Pinterest or how many times you’ve tried to wedge those rainboots in your suitcase: rolling your clothes is the way to go. It’s quick, simple, and easy. You can see your clothes at a glance and can store more clothes than if you were just folding them- perfect for my overpackers. Better safe than sorry, right?

2. Bring Snacks and a Reusable Water Bottle

You never know what kind of food you’re going to get in a foreign country, a summer camp, or even just a random restaurant on vacation! This, my friends, is why we bring snacks. I love Chocolate Brownie Clif Bars, unsalted almonds, and don’t forget your gum! Also, it’s important to stay hydrated and a reusable water bottle is a great way to make sure you do so! Just fill it up and you’re ready to go!

3. Make a good playlist for the road

Because everything’s better with your favorite songs, amiright???

4.  Bring some grocery and Ziploc bags

For when you’re heading home and your bathing suit is still wet. And for when you want to go hang out on the beach but want to check your insta as well. Just put your phone in the Ziploc bag!

5. A Good Attitude ( and imagination)

Sometimes, when you’re going somewhere you just really don’t want to go you just need to suck it up and pretend you’re in the Amazing Race. Anyone else do that? No, just me? LOL. Don’t judge me.

Speaking of the Amazing Race, is anyone in shock that Brooke and Scott are still in the race??? Like, that’s crazy! I mean, good for them but I did not see that coming! When The Boys got eliminated, I was really proud because of their awesome attitudes! You know, they could have just blamed it all on that taxi driver but they didn’t and took it like men!  And also, everybody else better watch out, because my team, ahem, TeamLoLo is getting better and better.  If they don’t win, I may cry.