Weekend Edit

( featured pic is not mine, found it online lol)

Hello friends, how has ya’lls week been? I am so ready for school to be over… This week I have been loving…

These Chacos

You’ll have to click the link to see them but ya’ll I finally joined Chaco club! ūüôā At first I wanted to get Chacos without the toe strap but I ended up ordering some with the toe strap and it doesn’t bother me at all! I love the design and am looking forward to wearing these on my summer adventures!

Outdoor Concerts with Thomas Rhett

The other day I went to a concert with my dad¬†at our town’s football stadium and it was so FUN! The weather was perfect ( I wore a white crop top, light wash skinny jeans, and sandals) , and I had so much fun! Thomas Rhett did a great¬†job and even brought his¬†dad, Rhett Akins, out and¬†sang a few songs. ¬†

“Katie Did What” blog


This is a blog I found after searching “lifestyle blog” and I love it so so much! Her little family is so cute and she has such an adorable style!

These Knockoff OTBTs


Ever seen an expensive trend that you weren’t sure about shelling out 100 + dollars for? Well, enter Pierre Dumas! The pictures don’t do this shoe justice, they really do look like legit OTBTs and for ¬†less than half the price! These shoes go with everything, and can be slipped on to instantly upgrade any outfit! Love them!

Festival Tiered Dress from Target

I love this dress so much! It’s perfect for festival season and is so cute and summery! On a side note, Target is legit killing it right now with clothes!! You need to go now- before they change inventory! Thank you, Coachella and other festivals for inspiring Target’s clothes! There’s so much embroidery and boho vibes going on and I LOVE IT!

That’s about it for today! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there!



Fall Favorites


Before fall leaves us, I thought I’d share some apparel and shoes that I either have or have¬† seen online that I love!


rockstajean.pngaerosweat.pngwaldanlongshirttom'sbootie.jpgjeans, sweater, activewear top, lace-up booties


These jeans (Rockstar by Old Navy) are so comfortable and stretchy. Literally I can do squats in them. They’re affordable and can go with anything from a sweater to a fancy embroidered top!


My dad bought this for me for Christmas recently but I liked it so much I wanted to wear it on Sunday! He told me I could wear it Sunday but then I would have to give it back to him (LOL). Anyway, this sweater is on SALE, so snatch it up while you can. Keep in mind, the front part of the sweater has small openings in it so you will need to wear a shirt underneath. Pair it with skinny jeans, black leggings, or even over a dress, and you’re good to go!

Activewear Shirt

Ya’ll this is such a steal because its from Wal-Mart! Surprise! This shirt is very flattering and has these mesh sort of panels on the front that I love! Perfect for working out in the winter! (with a jacket on top of course):)


Last but not least, these shoes! They’re so¬†chic and I love that they are suede! I actually do not own these shoes but I’m sure that they would look amazing with most winter outfits, especially with a¬†short skirt + tights combo! ¬†! P.S.- they’re made by Tom’s!

I hope you all have a good week! Who’s ready for Christmas vacation? ( raises hand while enthusiastically jumping up and down) I definitely am!


Remember this as you maneuver your way through the holidays! Be full of hope! This Christmas season, we are celebrating the One who came down to Earth to rescue us! Praise God!